Interview Tips

Helping You Ace Your Interview

It doesn’t matter what stage of your career you’re at; interviews can be nerve-wracking. When you work with Stephen James Consulting, we will guide you through the interview process and provide you with critical insights about the potential employer.

Here are our top tips on how you can adequately prepare for your interview and make the best impression once you get in there.

Before the interview

  • Get familiar with the job description and think about the types of questions they’ll be asking you in relation to this.
  • You’ll be asked to explain some aspects of your CV/application so re-read what you wrote and memorise it.
  • You’re likely to be asked about your knowledge of the organisation so make sure you do your research to find out their values, latest news and what makes them different.
  • Have some questions to ask the interviewer. You only need to ask one or two but have more prepared in case some of the answers end up being discussed during the interview.
  • Plan your route and make allowances for traffic and any parking restrictions. If you’re travelling via public transport, then ensure you double-check the timetables. Get the number of your interviewer so you can let them know if you do end up delayed for any reason.

During the interview

  • Engage with everyone in your interview and not just the person asking the questions. Try to smile and make eye contact throughout.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a moment to gather your thoughts. This is extremely common in interviews, so don’t worry about asking to have a think about a question before you answer it.
  • When you answer a question, try to include a relevant example from your career and how you managed to achieve a positive outcome.
  • Remain positive at all times. Even if you’ve had a bad experience with a previous employer, try to turn it around to emphasise the experience you gained.

For more information and advice about nailing your interview to land that ideal role in Health and Social Care, contact Stephen James Consulting.

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