about 1 month ago by Jo

CORONAVIRUS: Government provides care home guidance


Guidance has been provided to care homes on how to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The guidance, which was issued last week, came after a nursing home in Brighton was closed and then reopened last month after residents came into contact with an infected health worker.

Public Health England told care providers: “There is no need to do anything differently in any care setting at present. 

“If any of your staff do become infected through travel to affected countries you will be contacted by your local Health Protection Team to take you through a risk assessment for your particular setting.”

The Government said the local health protection team was on hand to offer advice and guidance in the event of an outbreak. Its advice focused on the importance of hand washing, adding people who felt ill should stay at home and not attend work.

The Government said facemasks did not provide protection from infection for care staff during normal day to day activities and should, therefore, not be worn. It added that infected individuals should only wear facemasks on the advice of a healthcare worker.

Additionally, the guidance said there was no need to close a care home while a member of staff or resident was awaiting results after testing for the virus.