16 days ago by Neelam Khalid

Nourish Care - on delivering high quality care


With its emphasis on supporting care teams in delivering high quality care, Nourish Care believes that their digital care planning system is the most adaptable and user-friendly product on the market. Entering the sector in 2011 Nuno understood how his background in emerging technology and artificial intelligence could be applied to the challenges teams face across all different types of care. “As both an entrepreneur and innovation enthusiast, I have always been intrigued by finding solutions to social problems through the power of design and technology,” 

“Spending time working with care homes, I quickly realised that the process of recording, sharing and analysing information was limited, and was genuinely detracting from the quality of care that teams could provide.

“You could actually see the frustration this caused to care teams, who had come into the sector because of their desire to help others – not to complete paperwork. Not knowing where certain documents were, not being able to easily access people’s care plans, feeling like they were writing notes simply to be compliant with regulators – these were all common feelings I encountered.”