20 days ago by Neelam Khalid

England lagging behind Scotland and Wales


New analysis by The Health Foundation has revealed that spending on social care per person in Scotland and Wales is significantly above that in England.

The report shows that England is spending £310 per person on social care, 43% less than Scotland (£445) and 33% below Wales (£414).

The Health Foundation reveals that England has fallen further behind Scotland and Wales since 2010/11 when it spent £345 per person compared with £457 in Scotland (32% more) and £445 in Wales (29% more).

While the differences in spending can be explained to some degree by differences in population and are needs, the report notes that there is a far smaller gap in health care spending and that this has narrowed in recent years.

Health care spending growth in England has outstripped Scotland and Wales since 2010/11. Scotland now spends 8% more on health care than England and Wales just 3% more.